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HKUST-FYBB#1 satellite was launched smoothly

Read: 1823Time: 30/08/2023

On August 25, 2023, the "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST-FYBB-1" satellite was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu Province, China. This satellite is designed to monitor remote sensing data related to global environment, disasters, and sustainable development.

The photo shows the satellite launch site.

"The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST-FYBB-1 " is Hong Kong's first higher education institution to launch a remote sensing satellite for Earth environment monitoring. It is the first ecological and environmental satellite launched with the support of Hong Kong entrepreneurs Mr. Francis Yip Chi-hung and Mrs . Catherine Yip Ng Bun-Bun. It is also Hong Kong's first privately-supported satellite named after individuals. Thanks to the sponsorship from Mr. Francis Yip and Ms. Catherine Yip, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was able to expedite the launch of the "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST-FYBB-1 " satellite.

As an advanced technology marvel, the satellite serves as the eyes and ears of nature, continuously tracking changes in the atmosphere and oceans. It timely releases natural disaster warnings such as red tides, earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis, as well as providing future environmental protection reference data crucial to human life. It aims to address urgent environmental challenges.

The "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST-FYBB-1 " satellite will significantly enhance China's monitoring and governance capabilities in ecological and environmental protection. It will safeguard human life and property, assist in improving coordination and decision-making in response to social disasters, and provide strong support for the construction of a beautiful and bountiful national ecological environment. Moreover, the satellite represents a major breakthrough in the collaboration between the private sector and Hong Kong universities in the field of aerospace technology.

The photo includes Professor Wang Yang, Vice President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, as well as donors Mr. Francis Yip Chi-Hung and Mr. Catherine Yip Ng Bun-Bun

Mr. Francis Yip Chi-hung and Mrs. Catherine Yip Ng Bun-Bun, who witnessed the satellite launch ceremony, expressed their excitement saying, "We are delighted to witness this historic moment. Our sponsorship for the satellite launch by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is driven by our recognition of the university's dedicated efforts and determination in promoting the development of space technology in Hong Kong. Through this project, we hope to assist young university students who are passionate about the aerospace industry in realizing their space dreams more quickly. We aim to cultivate a larger pool of Hong Kong's young aerospace talents who can actively participate in practical space projects, thus enabling Hong Kong to better integrate into the country's ambitious aerospace plans. This is our responsibility as Chinese citizens, and we feel immense pride and honor!"

The photo features Mr. Francis Yip Chi - Hung and Mrs. Catherine Yip Ng Bun Bun at the launch site.

Ms. Tracy Wang Xiahong, the International Business Director of Galaxy Aerospace, who was present at the scene, joyfully exclaimed, "It is our great honor to have Mr. and Mrs. Yip serve as the linchpin for the naming of this satellite, which belongs to our Hong Kong. Together with Mr. Yip, we have devoted ourselves to Hong Kong's charitable endeavors for many years, and I deeply admire Mr. Yip's hands-on and sincere approach in everything he does. As the development of our nation has entered a higher realm, strengthening technology is crucial for a strong Hong Kong and a strong nation. I hope that we can continue to contribute our modest efforts for Hong Kong and our country!"

The photo depicts Ms. Travy Wang Xiahong, Director of International Business at Galaxy Aerospace, at the launch site.

Over fifty members, including representatives from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and outstanding youth representatives from the Tai Po district, eagerly watched and witnessed the successful launch of the "HKUST-FYBB-1 " satellite. Everyone was filled with joy and inspiration, and they expressed their determination to contribute to the country's aerospace industry with practical actions.

The photo captures the scene of the Youth Observation Group of "Hong Kong Science and Technology University HKUST-FYBB-1 " at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Site.

Mr. Francis Yip Chi Hung and Mrs. Catherine Yip Ng Bun Bun, as Hong Kong entrepreneurs, have always been enthusiastic about philanthropy. They have supported the education initiatives of the Po Leung Kuk in Hong Kong, including funding two kindergartens named after Mrs. Catherine Yip Ng Bun Bun, namely the "Po Leung Kuk Yip Ng Bun Bun Kindergarten" and the "Po Leung Kuk Yip Ng Bun Bun Queen's Hill Kindergarten". They have also been involved in the fundraising committee of multiple charitable organizations, not only helping local youth establish youth football teams but also actively providing assistance to individuals in need and organizing various charity events for the elderly and various social strata, especially the poor and vulnerable groups.

In their support for the young students from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in realizing their dreams of aerospace, they not only aim to let them understand the history of the country's aerospace development but also to experience the tremendous changes taking place in the motherland, to inspire and encourage Hong Kong's young students to continue to pursue their dreams and enhance their sense of national pride and cohesion, thereby contributing to the city's technological strength. This launch of the "HKUST-FYBB-1 " satellite is an important milestone for Hong Kong's aerospace industry while also demonstrating the enthusiasm and support of the Hong Kong people for technological development and exploration of the unknown.

The successful launch of the "HKUST-FYBB-1 " satellite will ignite the aerospace dreams of more young people in Hong Kong and will also open up a broader sky for public support of the aerospace science and technology industry.